Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm doing away with titles

I think the idea of having to come up with a title for random thoughts is putting me off blogging. Yes, I blame the title for now :) Shall think of more reasons as I neglect my blog in future.

As usual, been busy with mundane and boring stuff in life! The most exciting stuff which happened to me this year was urrmmmmm, ermmmmmm....

You get the gist.

The things I do daily are as random as my thoughts. In fact, I find my whole life kind of really big, fat random lately!! You know, purposeless and reasonless. Random stuff I did this year : sewing projects, brooch making, wedding gifts projects, catering project (a very tiny one, which I always get for the Chinese New Year), trim my hair, tidied up the kitchen balcony, re-organised my kitchen storage, attended to my 3 nephews while their mom was away in Pakistan for 2 weeks (make that 20 days), and now back to sewing.

Jack of all trades, master of none. And I'm proud to announce that I'm the breathing, living example of that idiom. I feel incomplete and lacking at times but I think back about my close shave with Down's syndrome when I was conceived and I'm grateful again! My mom had me when she was way over 40 years of age!

Well, I don't blame my mom. She was in a remote village in the mountains of Pakistan with no access to birth control. I still feel euphoric even now knowing that I was born somewhere near Tarbela dam. Who would have thought I'd be in Hougang Ave 9, Singapore right now typing English words from a laptop! Yoooohoooooooooooo! 

12.58am. Sleepless in Singapore again. Tomorrow is Friday, no it's Friday right now! I'm happy for Sameer and everyone else who looks forward to Fridays.

Enjoy the weekend and do your part in saving the earth. The weather and the natural disasters are signalling us to do so!

Adious for now


Jussaemon said...


While you're thinking of writer's block, i'm thinking of writer's ... encourager? A picture always help... Even if its a lousy one.

I for one would have LOVED to read about your kitchen storage and balcony projects. you know.. the before and after look. ANYTHING is writable me thinks.

wow 30 days with 4 kids in the house? That must be quite chaotic! How old are they?

Nisa AK said...

I miss blogging too! Yah I know pictures help me a lot, but lately I simply FORGET to snap pics!!! And my cousin got a dslr and his pics looks so gud that i feel pics shudn't be taken unless it's with a dslr!!! Lol.
My newphews are all grown up secondary and above so they stayed put at their own home and i went over on alternate days to cook and check on them. thank god bhabhi came back yesterday! like i always say, i dun enjoy being responsible :D

Mrs Umer Shah f.k.a Ms Sue said...

I'll do anything for that switch my dear friend!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll take it in a blink to be a SAHM!

Leena S said...

i am in singapore too! i wish we could plan a lil meet up sometime

khanumsays said...

titles titles ahh ! yes they make me go nuts too! i always think of an end first and then begin! and then connect the ending with the title. it works! lol